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You'd be better off buying the Drain Claw by Bad Cat Solutions. Lou Manfredini "Mr. Fix-it" talks about it on Saturdays AM Radio. It retails for only about $6.00, you could find it at your local Ace Hardware. Great SIMPLE tool to use and it removes a disgusting amount of hair and debris from your drain with very little effort! No Chemicals! Best part - you don't have to remove the plug!!! It's a wire tool with a velcro-like end, you'd never think it would work as great as it does. A wire hanger is not even a close comparison! You could re-use it as often as you like. Use it in bathroom tubs, showers, bath and kitchen sinks, anywhere where there is a drain that needs to be unclogged! ...
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" I just got the Drain Claw from Badcat Solutions. It works like a champ! I was able to take out gobbs of hair from my sinks and tub. Drains that were clogged now work like new. The company also offers great customer service. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience."
Josh C
My long-haired roommate and I were so excited to use the Drain Claw. We were both sick and tired of standing in inches of dirty bath water when we were supposed to get clean in the shower! I was astounded at the two large clumps of hair that I pulled out after a few twists of the Drain Claw. Being somewhat challenged in the home improvement department, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and relieved that I would not have to resort to messing with bottle after bottle of the latest dangerous chemical. I even took the Drain Claw to my parent's house. It really works. Thanks.
Christina G
Dear Bad Cat Solutions, The Drain Claw is truly, truly and I mean truly one of the most ingenious, innovative, superb devices I've ever encountered! Hearing about your Drain Claw on Chicago's WGN Lou Manfredini's "Mr. Fix-It" Show, I decided to give it a try. I am absolutely amazed and at the same time, grossed out, by what this user-friendly contraption removed from my tub drain!! I would best describe it as a big hairy blob-a-ma-thing. I was so grossed out, I did that dancy thingy thing as if I found the worlds largest ugliest spider crawling on my bathroom floor. UGH! YUK, DOUBLE YUK!! Everyone who has a tub should have The Drain Claw!!!! No more boiling water to pour down the tub
Mary Jane L.
Gurnee IL
Hi there, I got my drain claw in the mail the other day and it worked wonderfully...thanks for a very simple and effective tool!
I used the claw after hearing about it on Lou Manfredini's Mr. fix it show on WGN radio in Chicago. I was amazed at the debris it grabbed-can't even imagine all that hair and goo being in my drain. Both sinks are running like brand new again. They are so reasonably priced that you can afford to order extra. So, do your friends and family a favor and let them know, or better yet, gift them with the drainclaw.
Marge K.
Plainfield, IL
Fantastic product. I heard about it on Mr. Fixit WGN radio. I had used about 3 quarts of liquid cleaner, but 1 min with the claw cleaned it out. Thanks Jb
John B
Gurnee, IL
Our customers are just amazed how much is pulled out of their drains! ....They like it so much they come in to buy another!! And they are thrilled to avoid using chemicals, too.
Dave Seiller
Edgebrook Ace Hardware 5423 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL
Who needs Joe the plumber ? After several weeks of trying to clear the bathtub drain, I had resigned myself that I would have to call our plumber. I had bought a liquid plumber (called "The Works") but it did not work much at all. Well, who needs Joe the plumber when you have Cindy Lee the plumber and You Tube videos? While I was working in the yard Saturday, my wife was looking for a video that would show you how to un-stop the drain. Much to my surprise, when I returned from the grocery store, she had watched the video below and cleared our drain, saving us about $100 plumbing charge.
Dear Drain Claw I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how great The Drain Claw worked for me. The one bathroom that my two girls shared always drained very slowly. I tried using chemicals, and the chemicals never worked. It would often get to the point that I would go and rent a rodder it turned out to be a big job and very messy. After I tried the drain claw I realized after all these years that there is a much easier way. I am glad I tried The Drain Claw. It was easy and fast and there was no mess. I believe every house should have at least one Drain Claw. Thank-you,
Bill Fabiano
Minuteman Press 9226 W 159th Street Orland Park IL 60462 P. 708-403-8210
Catherine, Drain Claw is selling well. We've had it in stock for 50 days and have sold 52. My wife and daughter have both used it and think it is great.
Elmhurst Ace 145 E. First Av. Elmhurst IL
Three cheers for the Drain Claw. My reluctance in purchasing the Drain Claw only allowed our bath tub drain to stay clogged for several weeks. Once nothing else seemed to work I figured spending a few bucks couldn't hurt. Sure enough the Drain Claw was able to pull out the source of the clog. Once again I was able to shower without having to stand in the several inches of water. Thanks Drain Claw and sorry I didn't come to you sooner.
Tim M.
I bought one and it worked Great. Really Fast, better than anything before. EVEN RODING OUT BY THE PLUMBER. My Daughter used it with the same results. AMAZING. I went back and bought all my Daughters' one. I love that Drain Claw. Bought at the TrueValue in Mt. Greenwood
Pat N.
Evergreen Park
Catherine, Yes! I went to the store on Devon, found the Drain Claw in a rack on the checkout counter, and bought six. The first one went to a daughter, who pulled the equivalent of a hamster out of her sink and shower drains. Some of the rest went to others, and the last one is mine to use when I get settled. Thanks for your help,
Good Morning from Milwaukee Wisconsin - To The Drain Claw - "If we were not in our mid-eighties, and on limited finances, I would give a set to everyone in the family and every friend!" Hope your advertising on WGN with Lou paid off for your company as much as it has for us.
Marie H.
Best gadget ever! I bought the three pack and gave one to my father (I am second oldest of nine, 5 boys 4 girls, so the drains are always clogged) and one to my father-in-law (who has a wife and two daughters) both of them have thanked me over an over again. In addition, I have let coworkers borrow mine to try it out and they were grossed out by how much “stuff” came from their drains. So thank you for making it easy!
Conor K.
South Park, PA
Hi Badcat! I am just writing to say that I bought a Drain Claw at my local hardware store and I am absolutely thrilled with the product! For the past five years I have had terrible trouble with teenagers with long hair and a clogged bathtub drain! No chemical drain cleaner has been able to fix the problem--nor has any amount of threatening, cajoling or bribing of the teenagers who are unwilling or unable to clean the hair out of the bathtub after using it! Today, after using the Drain Claw, the tub is finally running perfectly! I was so excited that I immediately used the Drain Claw on all of the other drains in the house! Hands down this is the best six dollars I have ever spent!
Karyn R.
Naperville IL
The Drain Claw is a great impulse item. Get it at the register. I sold 249 last year and I'm on track to do it again this year!
Richard Copeland
Chicago True Value 3111 W. 111th St. Chicago
Wow! I'm amazed at your product. I skeptically purchased a drain claw at my local Ace Hardware store for around $6. I almost returned it without using it because I never thought something so simple and inexpensive, would work. Previously, I've had plumbers come out to clean my drains, I've used coat hangers myself, etc. Needless to say, I'm so impressed at how easy it is to use the drain claw and at how effective it is at removing hair from my clogged drains. I'm going back to Ace Hardware today to purchase a few more for family and friends. I hope that you become millionaire entrepreneurs from this product. You've saved me from another expensive plumbing service call.
Kim L
Kingwood, TX
To Whom It May Concern: We received our Drain Claw yesterday. We have been having problems with our bathroom tub draining the whole 7 years we have been in the house. I have spent so much money on Draino and other cleaners trying to unplug the drain. After a couple swoops of the Drain Claw, I pulled out part of a mesh netting. There is no way that would have ever broken down and my husband said that augering the line would have never found anything like that caught at the top of the drain. I was amazed when I took a shower last night and it drained perfectly. I am so impressed with the Drain Claw. I will recommend it to anyone with drain problems. Thanks so much.
Lisa Smallwood
Your product is wonderful and works very well - far superior to those zip-it things. Thanks.
I bought one Drain Claw to try it. Now I have one in each bathroom and gave each one of our kids one from our supply. Indispensable! A "security blanket" to have on hand!
Marie H.
Catherine, The Drain Claw works wonders. I have recommended it to all my friends and bought one for my father and father-in-law. I am ordering more for Christmas gifts.
Cathy K.
Rather than using the claw, I went over to my local Ace and bought a bottle of your product, which has performed beyond what I found with Draino. I now know to buy local.
Garry L.
Good Morning Mrs. Scurte, It works!!!! Loved it!!!! I am sending one to my mom in Brazil! Thank you!
Simple and cheap, the Drain Claw was the best five buck purchase in a long time. Bought it at Ace Hardware after hearing it on WGN, and opened up a sloooow shower drain in under 30 seconds. EVERY father should buy one for their daughter to use on her apartment drains!
Mark Braun
Associate Publisher Food Industry News
Check out this link: http://curbly.com/diy-maven/posts/9295-the-awesome-gross-drain-claw
Do It Yourself Maven
Heard it on WGN last year and still using it successfully. There is a knock-off that we found at the flea market called TURBO SNAKE which we bought for $4 and knocks off the Claw except with one big flaw: the ends fell off. One barely made it out of the drain on one use and the other was peeling apart before being used: rubber cement one-coat holds these on... kinda. THE CLAW was a perfect investment and we ran out to buy another right after ours... this one for our daughter's apartment! Kudoa on a great "Made in USA" product!
Mark Braun
Associate Publisher Food Industry News
Hello, I've been doing battle with drain flies in my new house for a few months now, and I've only found one Microbial Drain maintainer that I really like - yours. It gets the job done, and as an added bonus, it doesn't smell like death. Perfect.
Thanks, Mike

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