Unclog a Drain with The Drain Claw

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"Over all it was very easy to use and very effective, I recommend it to anyone wanting to unclog a drain quickly, cheaply and easily"

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"Oh, how I wish I had this product years ago.

It’s inexpensive, simple to use and it really works."

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"The Drain Claw is reusable, affordable, safe for the environment & made in the USA! If you want to unclog a drain, I highly recommend The Drain Claw. It will be the last thing you ever need to buy to keep your drains flowing properly!"

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"I love this! I would recommend this for your clogged drains. So if you would like clean drains like us, make sure to pick up a drain claw or two."

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"I used the Drain Claw on my bathroom sink that is always slow draining. It worked amazingly and removed pieces and pieces of hair. I was so surprised at all the hair it got out of that drain! Now water runs smoothly down the drain."


"When my sweet hubby saw The Drain Claw he took it right upstairs and showed me how it works! We have a tub that won’t drain right. My hubby used the drain claw on it, and Voila! It’s perfect now! It was so quick and easy to use. He said we’ll just keep it under the sink so it will be handy because that drain collects hair and in a month it will need it again, but next time I can do it myself!"

Unclog a Bathtub Drain Fast!          

The #1 culprit for slow bath drains is hair. The Drain Claw drain tool is the fastest, easiest way to unclog a slow moving bath drain caused by hair. 

With over 100 hooks to grab hair, it just takes a twisting motion to capture trapped hair and unclog your bathtub drain.

You will be amazed at what you pull out of your drain!

For a slow or clogged bathtub drain, just work The Drain Claw around the crossbars at the opening of the drain and the bracket that holds the stopper.

For bathroom sinks The Drain Claw not only grabs hair, but it can be pushed into the trap to tear through the buildup of soap, toothpaste and gels. The Drain Claw will pass through the pop up without having to remove it.

The Drain Claw was developed by a real estate investor to unclog a bath drain without the use of dangerous chemical drain openers.

You will love this little drain tool……..

• Save $$$ with The Drain Claw
• Stop using dangerous chemicals
• Use The Drain Claw over and over
• Safest-Easiest tool to unclog a slow or clogged bath drain

There is no better way to unclog a bath drain caused by hair.           The Drain Claw is the GREENEST drain cleaner.



"I absolutely love this product and recommend it to everyone! Especially to those of you who have children and pets, this way there is no worries about the chemicals either! This is such a wonderful product and it is so effective."


"The Drain Claw, made by Bad Cat Solutions, really works! It looks so simple that you might look at it and say what will this coiled up little thing do? It will pull hair and other disgusting gunk out of your drain that you had no idea was there, that's what."

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"With The Drain Claw you can easily and safely unclog your drain from hairs or to clean the sink trap like a mini-rod. I say it safely because this product is very environmentally friendly."

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